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July | 2013 | My Channel Swim

15 Jul | bryan | 3 Comments

Support for Telli

I’m going to be supporting Telli (Tellervo Maukonen) on her cross channel swim at 3am on Wednesday. Both as a support swimmer and a member of her crew. I feel very honoured that she has asked me. You can track the boat, Suva, pilot Neil Streeter on a number of websites. http://cspf.co.uk/tracking http://www.vesselfinder.com/?mmsi=235018589# http://www.shipais.com/showship.php?mmsi=235018589 http://www.lovechannelswimming.com/swims …


15 Jul | bryan | No Comments

“A friend and fellow swimmer”

So sad today to have to read this about a fellow swimmer.   It is with deepest regret and sadness that the Channel Swimming Association confirm that swimmer Susan Taylor died in her attempt to cross the English Channel on the 14th July. Susan was 1 mile from France. She was known and loved by …


13 Jul | bryan | No Comments

Hell Swim

Saturday Ned’s Camp were doing the hell swim, this involved, everything from not feeding, to feeding rotten fish, to swimming in circles. He had them swimming for over four hours. No one was wearing a watch or had a clue what the time was or when they’d be getting out the water. To top it …


12 Jul | bryan | No Comments

Ireland swimming again

Another trip to Ireland for another training camp this time Ned Dennis, a few friends have already been at the car all this week and I’ve been very jealous reading the posts and seeing their photos on Facebook.   Short flight from Heathrow and I’m here. The plan is for night swims, a few days swim …


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