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800m sea swim

800m sea swim

It’s the 23rd March and would you believe me if I said I have just taken part in an 800m sea swim, nope…!    Well you’d be wrong as I’m currently in Grand Cayman enjoying so winter sunshine and getting used to some long sea swims.

I’m staying on Seven Mile beach, which as it happens is only 5.5 miles, and before I leave I will attempt to swim from one end the the other.

My swim so far I had got sun burn from swimming in the midday sun and chafing under my arms, so tips so far either early swimming or cover up.

So today was the CBAC (Cayman Bay Aquatic Club) which I have hooked up with for some training.  They mainly train in a 25m metre open air pool with the masters sessions being on Monday and Tuesday evenings and an early 6am swim on Friday, good sessions or all abilities.

Today they held the 800m sea swim, with over 90 people taking part of all ages and some little kids who must have been no older than 7 years old.  The race started in a northerly direction with the wind and current behind us heading towards a yellow triangle buoy which was about 20 metres of the shore line.  It was a good swim, I’m not used to swimming with others so I felt a bit crowded but that soon subsided once I’d pulled away from the main pack and was left alone to swim.  The turning point around the yellow triangle buoy seamed to come very quickly, mainly due to the current in our favour.  Then the hard work started, against the current and a head wind, choppy sea and what felt like a long swim ahead.  So I watch the sea bed whist I was swimming and slowly but surely I edged forwards, but it was a slow pace.  Watching the sea bed is not such a bad thing along Seven Mile Beach, you do get some fish to watch, but I was fortunate to see a sting ray swimming on the bottom and heading out to sea.  Oh I must remember I’m in a race, so off I went again.

I finished the race in 15th place, not sure of my time, but I did have a group of your children finish at the same time as me.

Overall the 800m sea swim was a good day out, but I now need to get back on to swimming longer distances.

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