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15 Jul | bryan | No Comments

“A friend and fellow swimmer”

So sad today to have to read this about a fellow swimmer.   It is with deepest regret and sadness that the Channel Swimming Association confirm that swimmer Susan Taylor died in her attempt to cross the English Channel on the 14th July. Susan was 1 mile from France. She was known and loved by …


27 Jun | bryan | No Comments

What time will I start?

I’ve not spoken to my pilot about this yet, so I’m just making an educated guess. The swims I have been watching have been setting out about one hour before high tide. Looking at the tide tables for Dover high tide is 4:07am on 12th September, so a 3am start time. With each day passing …


26 Jun | bryan | No Comments

Numbering system

So each pilot has four numbers, 1 to 4 which each swimmer is given a number. The reason for the numbers is that when it is your week to go and then pilot is sure that the swim can take place the pilot will call number one swimmer first to see if they are ready, …


16 Jun | bryan | No Comments

Training in Dover Harbour

  After a few drinks last night with Telli and then Paula I knew that today might be a cause for concern.  Waking up and checking out of the hotel then down to the little cafe along the road for some breakfast, I knew I needed to eat quite a lot, but eating breakfast at …


15 Jun | bryan | No Comments

First Full Weekend in Dover

  This is the start, of many weekends down in Dover.  I first came down on Friday evening, left quite late as to miss the traffic on the M25 during the Friday’s rush hour, or more like Friday rush evening. Found out that Paula would be down this weekend, so arranged to meet in the …


13 Jun | bryan | No Comments

Question that people ask me

  What day will you be swimming across the English Channel? I will be swimming the English Channel one day between 12th and 17th September 2013. The reason I don’t have an exact date is because we must wait for a good weather day. As a result, my crew and I will travel to Dover …


1 Feb | bryan | No Comments

Full Member Now

After completing my medical and paying the CS&PF £270 I am now a fully paid up member of the Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation for 2013 I even have a certificate  


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