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13 Jul | bryan | No Comments

When is the best time to swim the English Channel

After just watching the Diva’s crossing the English channel on 6th July at 10pm they swam with the following tide: this was an 8.2 variance and on a new moon This was their route Just watching Terra Australis who set off on 13th July about 1am They have a tide change of 4.8m, and looking at …


13 Aug | bryan | No Comments

Moon phases

I posted before how import the moon was with any swim across the English Channel, here are the moon phases for September. As you can see from 12th September the moon is half which means a neap tide. Leading up to September it looks like the last two days in August are a good date …


27 Jun | bryan | No Comments

What time will I start?

I’ve not spoken to my pilot about this yet, so I’m just making an educated guess. The swims I have been watching have been setting out about one hour before high tide. Looking at the tide tables for Dover high tide is 4:07am on 12th September, so a 3am start time. With each day passing …


17 Jun | bryan | No Comments

Moon Phase for my swim

  What difference does it make where the moon is during my swim? So the website to point you to: http://lunaf.com/english/moon-phases/lunar-calendar-2013/09/12 So it will be a Quarter moon, is that good?  Oh yes, means I’ll be on a neap tide http://home.hiwaay.net/~krcool/Astro/moon/moontides/ During the moon’s quarter phases the sun and moon work at right angles, causing …


11 Feb | bryan | No Comments

Tips and Bits

I received an email from my Pilot today with a very good Tips and bits for swimming the channel by Cliff Golding, to help soloist and to give an insight into what’s needed for there swim. Boat Check out your boat.  Try and meet your pilot in the days leading up to your swim. That gives …


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