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Hell Swim | My Channel Swim



Hell Swim

Saturday Ned’s Camp were doing the hell swim, this involved, everything from not feeding, to feeding rotten fish, to swimming in circles. He had them swimming for over four hours. No one was wearing a watch or had a clue what the time was or when they’d be getting out the water. To top it off they were told swim flat out for thirty minutes or they will be swimming for a further five hours.

One by one each swimmer came in, then I saw Ed swimming in. He looked exhausted, he stood up and then started walking backwards, I could see something was wrong. I ran down the slipway and in to the water. By the time I got to him he was being supported by others, I took over and went under Ed’s right arm. His full weight fell on my shoulders, I tried talking to him, but no response, he was drifting in and out of consciousness.

It took the two if us to get him to the jetty and sat him down on the steps. He was cold and falling all over the place.   We gathered more towels and wrapped them around him. Then he started going on about his flip flops, so much so he was getting aggressive and only focused on his flip flops, he push at us to find his flip flops he wanted to stand but he was in no fit state to stand. We supported him again and carried him over slightly higher to the jetty and sat him down again against the wall. This time we had to restrain him from getting up, both Fionnuala wrapped our arms and legs around him so he could not move. If he had stood up he would have fallen over. Again and again he wanted his flip flops, getting more and more aggressive with his actions.

But both Fionnuala and I held him down trying to get him to drink some water. Ed was taking small sips of water but this seemed more a token effort than actually drinking.  Someone then said when you finish off the bottle of water you can go and find your flip flops, bugger I thought, NO, he’s not ready to stand up even if he finishes the water. Then he decided he would drink the water down quickly so he could be released. Again not good in the state he was in. He finished the water and I reluctantly let him go, I had no choice as he would have got even more angry if we did not let him get up.

I watched him walking he was all over the place still determined to find his flip flops. Everyone around him was worried finally someone found his flip flops then he sat down again. I was livid at him and very concerned.  My main concern was he did not listen and would not listen.  Then I realised this was Ed and every bit of advice that had been given he did not listen to. This incident really struck that home with me.

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