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In the press

Finally got in the local news papers today


A GRANDAD will take a huge plunge as he aims to raise awareness of a little known cancer charity.

Bryan Avery, 45, will try to swim across the English Channel next month, a goal he has dreamed of since he was 16.

Growing up in Kent, Bryan was inspired by people who tried to swim from Dover to Calais.

Family commitments and work got in the way of the swim as part of a relay team but now after triathlons and 10k open water swims he feels he is ready.

He will attempt the swim between Thursday, September 12, and Monday, September 17, depending on the weather.

He is expects to do the 21 miles, as the crow flies, in from 12 to 20 hours.

He will start at Shakespeare Beach south of Dover and hopes to finish at Cap Gris Nez, just south of Calais.

He said: “I am so excited about swimming the Channel as it has been a dream since I was 16.

“I am not worried. I love swimming and the six-hour training sessions are easier than a day in the office.

“To swim through the water is like it is part of me. I feel free.

“My parents are and always have been supportive. I would be wrong in thinking that they are not worried, especially with Channel swimmer Susan Taylor failing to reach the French shores who died last month.

“I am taking every precaution. Not only am I training hard, but I took a full medical in January and am about to take a further one in August.”

The dad of three became a grandad on July 1 and will swim to raise money for a group called Balls to Cancer.

The group tries to raise more awareness among men and get them to be open about cancer.

English Channel swimming rules state that the swimmer must start and finish clear of the water and must wear one standard bathing suit, cap and goggles.

The swimmer is allowed to eat during the swim, but cannot touch anyone or anything or use a device to assist with flotation.

During the swim his crew will update his Internet blog at http://tinyurl.com/mychannelswim.

Bryan also aims to complete the Triple Crown within a year which comprises the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim and the Catalina Channel as well as the English Channel.

To sponsor Bryan visit www.justgiving.com/MyChannelSwimBryanAvery

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  • Hannah Avery says:

    Good write up. Good publicity. Thanks for the mention! Keeping up to date with your progress.
    Mum and D xxx

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