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Training in Dover Harbour | My Channel Swim



Training in Dover Harbour

Training in Dover Harbour


After a few drinks last night with Telli and then Paula I knew that today might be a cause for concern.  Waking up and checking out of the hotel then down to the little cafe along the road for some breakfast, I knew I needed to eat quite a lot, but eating breakfast at 8am, when I was about to go swimming at 9am might not be a good idea.

Never-the-less I made it to the beach for a 9am start, got vaselined up, and I set off for a four hour swim, with some 30 other solo channel swimmers.

Today the weather was overcast, not much wind and not as many jelly babies, so quite a pleasant swim.

However my right shoulder was sore, from the start to the finish, not sure why, painful, a little and each stroke I could feel it.  So I took the it easy for the four hours. The water temperature felt colder than yesterday, but I think the four beers the night before might have something to do with that!

Overall I swam 12K in the four hours, which was okay for an old man like me.

Time to relax for a few days

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